I don't wanna feel a thing any more

I'm Christine. This is my personal blog. I'm pathetic and just a stupid kid. This blog is the blog I come to when I don't feel happy. I like music a lot.

Anonymous said:
Don't worry about it, you're worth the wait! Its really good to hear you've been good. I'm not all that pleased about the bad though, are you okay? I dont know how your life is currently, but remember.. I find you uncontrollably stunning, and so interesting. If you have a bad night, come back and read this ask.. It might make you feel better.

I’m okay now, the good out did the bad, and the bad was pretty horrible. Thank you for caring so much. You’re such a sweet heart x

Anonymous said:
Its my pleasure. I've been thinking a lot about you lately.. I thought you left me hanging. How have you been?

You’re so cute. I’m awfully sorry that I haven’t been replying, I don’t use this blog very often at all and when I do come on it doesn’t show that I have messages :c I feel so horrible for making you wait this long, I’m so sorry, honestly. I have been both good and bad. Yourself?

Anonymous said:
You know enough about Tumblr to know I wouldnt come off anon. I've looked at your blog a few times, you've caught my attention.. you're different. You deserve good things, doll

You’re so fucking sweet. I like you a lot. Thank you so much xox

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